The 5 most responsive Joomla ecommerce templates to use for your website

When thinking of starting an ecommerce for your business, then the design of it is everything. A well designed ecommerce website can be the thing that helps you bring in more sales than ever, since the design is the first thing that customers see. But while making sure the design aspect of the website is taken care of, you also need to think about whether your customer will be able to navigate it. To help you out, here are some examples of ecommerce templates created by Joomla that can help you create an online shop within minutes.


This modern and clean coded multipurpose ecommerce template is designed for anything from digital stores and hitech stores, to watch, fashion and accessory stores and retail websites. This template comes with an YT Shortcode plugin with 65 shortcodes built in. it also comes with a bunch of different advanced features that make it very easy for you to use and customize and it supports 5 different unique layouts for your homepage and 5 different color variations for you to choose from.


As the name tells you, this ecommerce template can serve any online bookstore or stationery shop. The Bookstore ecommerce template is the perfect solution for you to sell physical products or ebooks. When designing your website, you can choose between 5 different homepage layouts and between 9 colors.


This template is meant for business in the building service such as construction, engineering and architecture websites. Based on the need of your business, the Structure ecommerce template can bring both a professional and clear design for your website. Structure has a fresh design and offers a profiles feature. With this feature you can create unlimited profiles with completely different styles for each of the pages you create for your website so they can have their own colors, backgrounds, font and much more.


Like the other Joomla tepmpales, this one is also not only outstanding for the way it functions, but also because it is very responsive. This ecommerce template is ideal for any kind of shopping stores with products varying from clothes shops to electronic stores. The Shoppystore template is offers you over 3 homepage layout options and 5 color variations that can give you great opportunities for customization.


This ecommerce template is ideal for you if you are someone that wants to introduce your online shop to everyone. This template can help you create a very professional looking online store that works in an intuitive way. By using Joomla’s own framework you can have this template display perfectly across all devices and screen sizes.

As you can see, when creating an online store, you can find an ecommerce template to help you with it no matter what kind of business you own. All you have to do is find the right one for you that will help you attract the most customers and maximize your sales.

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