90% of the Experts Recommend These 3 Themes for e-Commerce Websites

Ecommerce is bigger now than it has ever been before. Almost everyone now shops online, from the comfort of their own home on lots of different ecommerce websites that deliver the products to their homes, so if there was ever a time to create an ecommerce is now. The key to it being successful is not only having a site that works well, but also that looks good. Using themes, you can achieve both of those things and attract more customers.


Walker is a very cool-looking, bold and trendy ecommerce theme. It offers you 15 different homepage layouts and five header types to choose from. The theme also comes with a Visual Composer which allows you to further customize your website’s layout. The overall theme has a very “chunky” feel with its very bold font choices and it also boast a monochromatic color scheme that is topped off with very stylish and modern animations, as well as a parallax scrolling functionality.


Depot is one of those themes that are ideal for those who want to set up an ecommerce and start selling as fast as possible, without sacrificing any quality while doing so. Depot accomplishes this by providing a wide variety of demos that can help get you started by simply importing the content you’d like to try and using as is, or customizing it to fit your taste. If you choose to customize it, you can use any of the 12 homepage styles, multiple layout options, the many header and footer options and much more. Apart from all of this, this ecommerce theme allows you to create a website that is easy to search and navigate, and also show off your product in the best way possible.


Basel is an ecommerce theme for your website that is built solely for ecommerce purposes. The theme offers ten different storefront demo layouts that can be installed with one click and can cover all manner of niches. You can design each page so that it contains a lot of content, but without any of them feeling cluttered or overwhelming for your customers. Your product collections can be displayed in a bunch of different ways, while product page descriptions almost resemble mini landing pages as each description can display full-size images, hero sections and much more.

Hopefully this article helps you see that going for a theme is one of the best things you can do for your ecommerce. And whether you opt to go for a ecommerce website specific theme, or a theme than can be adapted to suit an ecommerce, one thing you can be sure of is that if will generate you more customers and more sales.

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