Did You Know That Simple WordPress Website Themes Make More Money Than Complex?

Seems not real but it’s a fact that simple WordPress themes will make you more money compared to complex ones. A great website is not about a flashy theme laden with features but one that is user-friendly, easily navigable, and likable. Complex themes are to avoid altogether as they lower conversions. You have less than a minute to retain or lose a visitor to your website. If you bombard the visitor with effects and flashes, the chances of losing him will be high, what the visitor needs is a simple interface that he can comprehend fast and navigate to get the information or product that he needs which saves time and is good for the customer as well as for the business.

Simple themes for e-commerce website do not mean lack of information

The fact that we champion for a simple web design does not mean an inferior theme whatsoever. Simple themes have valuable information and the necessary functionality that guides the visitors around your website. Simple themes have a strategic call to actions that ask the visitors to take specific actions like buying a product. The themes are straightforward, highly user-friendly, and easier to navigate which brings about overall efficiency.

Simple templates for websites avoid too much junk

A quality website should have just a few relevant links to avoid confusing users. As a webmaster, you want the visitors to your site to concentrate on the actual information that they are looking at. Though very tempting, webmasters should desist from adding too many widgets which usually end up ruining an excellent website.

Simple e-commerce templates are highly responsive

How responsive is your website will determine whether your online store will benefit from the larger e-commerce market that originates from mobile phone searches? A non-responsive website cannot adapt and display properly on different screen sizes and so should be avoided at all costs. If you have a lot going on your website, it will be chaotic while viewed on a smaller device like a mobile phone. It is wise to test your website on various handheld devices like a tablet and a smartphone to find out how your website appears to the users who access it via such devices.

The fact is when you make your website user-friendly, it increases the chances of selling as users can get whatever they want from your site quickly without much hassle.

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